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Interview with Choreographer Karyn Tobin

In preparation for the Works, nine brand new pieces by Guild company members, we interviewed choreographer Karyn Tobin on her creative process and inspiration behind her original piece "The Ebb," which will make its world premiere October 11th & 12th at Velocity Dance Center.


How would you describe your style of choreography?

I would describe my style of choreography as contemporary with underlying balletic technique and forms.

Any choreographers who inspire you?

Alex Ung, Kiyon Gaines Ross, Iyun Ashani Harrison, Veronica Lee-Baik, Kyle Abraham, Sidra Bell, Charles O. Anderson, Nia Love, Crystal Pite, Forsythe, Martha Graham

What inspired your piece for the Works?

The movement of water and the tides has always been inspirational to me as an analogy to shifts in life or the “ebb and flow”. The shifting of politics, ideals, power shifts, and resistance to those changes directly inspired this piece and how the aforementioned affect the lives of individuals in their lifetimes.

What is your favorite thing about the Seattle dance community?

I love how experimental and welcoming the community is.

How has the Guild Dance Company affected your relationship with dance and storytelling?

Most of my own work is centered on abstracted narratives. It has been really inspiring and challenging to work in the Guild with a rich, linear narrative choreographic style outside of just balletic work. The amount of collaborative opportunity and choreographic platforms within the Guild’s evening length works is also refreshing and exciting.

PC: Joseph Lambert / Jazzy Photo

PC: Megan Hauk / HMMM Productions


A night of awe inspiring creations, THE WORKS will present pieces by Guild company members Alex Ung, Jaime Waliczek, Karyn Tobin, and Robert Moore.

October 11th & 12th at Velocity Dance Center →

the Works is independently produced through Velocity Dance Center's Access Velocity program.

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